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A Lasting Power of Attorney (‘LPA’) is a legal document which enables you to appoint one or more people to act for you, should you become unable to manage your affairs or make your own decisions. There are two types; (1) Health and Welfare LPA and (2) Property and Financial Affairs LPA. You can choose to make one type of LPA or both.   www.newpatch.co.ukCOURT OF PROTECTION SERVICES
The aim to protect vulnerable people by ensuring their affairs are properly looked after and that no-one takes advantage of them. We provide a sensitive and very comprehensive service guiding and assisting you, in obtaining a court order to manage the affairs of the person who doesn’t have the mental capacity to do themselves.     www.newpatch.co.ukWILLS AND PROBATE SERVICES
At one time or another, most of us consider what happens to ‘our stuff’ after we die. A properly drafted Will ensures it goes to the people and organisations we choose. If you die without making a will your estate will be divided according the Intestacy Rules which means your assets may not necessarily be divided as you would have wished.   www.newpatch.co.uk

Throughout life, we work hard to build up a nest-egg of assets which we can, when the time is right, hand over tthose people closest to us. Carefully considered and bespoke solutions, crafted to suit your individual financial circumstances will ensure that future generations will benefit from your nest–egg in the way you envisage.   www.newpatch.co.uk
With a wealth of knowledge and practical experience dealing with land law and property related issues, we can provide you with a cost effective service in connection with ‘all things property’! Including (amongst other things), probate and general sales, purchases, assessing and rectifying defective title, first registration, boundary disputes, and leasehold property matters. www.newpatch.co.ukVULNERABLE PERSONS ASSISTANCE
Every adult should be able to live free from fear, harm and abuse and be treated with dignity and respect. Vulnerable adults have these rights too but they can’t always protect themselves against significant harm, exploitation and abuse. We can help, guide and enable you to help and protect thosevulnerable adults who are unable to look after their own affairs.     www.newpatch.co.uk
Sometimes things just don’t fit into a specific category, or on a specific page. Come on in and check out some of the other services we provide (and if you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us direct! Through our General Advice and Signposting Service, our like-minded and caring Specialist Associates will ensure you receive the very best advice and assistance.      www.newpatch.co.uk