EU-IPFF conference recordings

EU-IPFF has just held a three day virtual conference with expert contributors from around the world giving a patient focus to pulmonary fibrosis. The talks are all currently available at the link below and have a wealth of information abut every aspect of living with our conditions.

(From their website): EU-IPFF (The European IPF and related disorders Federation) serves as the trusted resource for a united PF patient voice by raising awareness, providing disease education, advancing care, and funding research.

EU-IPFF has 21 member organisations representing countries all over Europe, who unite their voices in the European organisation sharing experiences, sharing knowledge and communicating about PF care and treatment in the various countries. In this way we create impact and influence on how the individual country handle the disease.

Windsor Air Team Thursday23rd Sept World lung Day



Really enjoyed being with the Windsor Air Team We Appreciate all that you do