SarcoidosisUK have a wide range of high quality patient information about sarcoidosis. All our information has been developed with the help of experts and is free to use. 


Welcome to SarcoidosisUK’s Patient Information Hub.

SarcoidosisUK know that sarcoidosis can be confusing, particularly for newly diagnosed patients.

Our goal is to reduce uncertainty by providing clear, quality and accurate information about sarcoidosis to anyone affected. Helping patients to understand sarcoidosis is extremely important to us and something that we take very seriously. All of our patient information is produced with the help of trusted medical experts and is free for anyone to use.

Our About Sarcoidosis page is essential reading for anyone looking for general and basic information about the condition. For more detailed information about how sarcoidosis affects various organs use the pages on the ‘Types of Sarcoidosis’ dropdown on the main menu above. All this information has been produced alongside top medical experts, from cardiologists to oncologists, and is available as Patient Information Leaflets. These can be read online, downloaded or ordered as printed copies.

It is natural that patients have lots of questions about their sarcoidosis. SarcoidosisUK have listened to, recorded and distilled these questions. We then had the questions answered by a team of sarcoidosis specialist consultants, the SarcoidosisUK Nurses and our support group members. The Sarcoidosis FAQ page contains all this information and is a great place to find out more about many different aspects of the condition, from ‘Day to Day Living’ to ‘Treatment’.

SarcoidosisUK know that it can be difficult to find the best sarcoidosis specialist in your area. We have done the hard work and researched the best consultants across the country. These details have been published in our Sarcoidosis Consultant Directory, the only one of it’s kind in the UK. You can search by location, name or condition and get details for a referral.

We are growing our patient information all the time. Other information available through the website includes more on Fatigue, Nutritional Guidance, Children, and Travel Advice.

We are very proud of the patient information SarcoidosisUK provide. However none of it is possible without generous donations. If you have benefited from any of our information, please consider donating to SarcoidosisUK today.

Best wishes,

Leo Casimo

Senior Executive, SarcoidosisUK

About Sarcoidosis

If you want to find out general information about sarcoidosis, this is the place to start. This information is perfect for any newly diagnosed patients or friends and family who want to find out more.

Patient Information Leaflets

Sarcoidosis can affect any organ in the body. We have consulted experts from across the UK to provide high quality patient information leaflets on the most common forms of sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis FAQ

Sarcoidosis is a complicated disease – it is natural for patients to have lots of questions. SarcoidosisUK have collected these questions and consulted our expert team (including clinicans, nurses and patients) for answers.

Consultant Directory

We know how difficult it can be to find a specialist who knows about sarcoidosis and cares about sarcoidosis patients. To help you find the best care we have created the UK’s only sarcoidosis specialist database.

Travelling with Sarcoidosis

We’ve compiled some helpful tips for people travelling with sarcoidosis.

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Consultant Directory

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